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08/28/13 Newsletter

Dear Backscratchers:

It took all summer, but the hottest days so far are arriving at the end of the season. The A/Cs are being tested. Hope yours keeps you cool. If not, give AARON a call.

Because of Grand Street Café’s water line break, CAROLE COLLYARD had the registration book two weeks and twenty-five signed with her. GREG PATTERSON was one of them and he won the big money. The tens were missed by absent TIM WARD and RON DILLON. Draw prizes went to FRED HISSONG, JULIA THOMAS and CHRIS SAILORS.

There were six guests this week. Cathy Weaver, Laurie Wiley and JoBeth Nastav were guests of LINDA ANDERSON. Cathy also extended invitations to Sharon McGloin and Dani Reed. JOHN BLACK’S guest was Marc Craig and he left with an application.

Since we missed them last week, CLANCY PLUMMER and TIM WARD join this week’s birthday boys, KURT MAYO and GREG PATTERSON in dividing the cake. Only TIM didn’t hear the singing.

Laurie D. Wiley applied for the classification of “Financial Advisor” this spring but had some health issues that kept her from attending. She is with Waddell & Reed and her office is located at 4200 Little Blue Parkway, Suite 400, Independence, MO. Her business phone number is (816) 356-8200. Her residence is in Independence. Now that she is feeling better, she is ready for us to consider her for membership. Her application is sponsored by LINDA ANDERSON.

Our guest speaker this week was Burton Kelso. He is the co-founder of the Kansas City Metro Area Cash Mob which promotes locally owned businesses. The general idea behind a Cash Mob is to encourage people to go into local businesses and spend their money (cash) to give the business a little bit of economic stimulus. The first Cash Mob in the area took place in January with four businesses being “mobbed” with about eighty people. Since then about two dozen businesses have been selected. Burton plans to set the third Saturday of each month as the regular Cash Mob day so participants can set aside that day. Before taking questions, Burton passed along three tips:
1. Helping people is the key to success
2. Giving opens your network
3. Giving makes you happy
To find out where the Cash Mob will be each month, visit their Facebook page by searching “Kansas City Metro Area Cash Mob.” Thanks to LINDA for arranging for Mr. Kelso to come and talk to us.

We have been having around thirty at breakfast the last few meetings. As the saying goes, “the more the merrier” and I have noticed that at those meetings. If you have been away for awhile, come join us and start your Wednesday on a high note.